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Specialising in exercise prescription for the prevention, treatment and management of injuries, chronic disease and health conditions. 


Capital Rehabilitation Professionals are ESSA accredited Exercise Physiologists and Fitness Australia registered Certificate 4 Personal Trainers. We are specialists within rehabilitation from injury, surgery, chronic illness, and physical conditioning. Our aim is to enhance motivation, positivity and overall conditioning of your body. 


We also have complete availability of a five-star health club within Woden, ACT to design an exercise program specific to your body so that you can lead the healthiest lifestyle possible. 

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Capital Rehabilitation Professionals aim to provide a high quality health and fitness service ensuring delivery of best practice Exercise Physiology services in a safe, supportive and respectful environment. We ensure our EP's are clinically competent and have a passion for their profession. We are located in Canberra and are in the process of being able to provide advice nationally!